Cellar Door Express - Delivering wine safely to the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, CDX can arrange delivery of wines to all countries that allow wines to be delivered. Check our country listing here.
Yes, the CDX Service allows you to purchase wines from any winery in Australia Tax Free. This means that all Australian Taxes (Wine Equalisation Tax) as well as GST is not applied to the sale if wine is left at the point of sale to be exported through CDX.
Yes, every wine shipment through CDX will be packed in a wine safe box to ensure safe delivery of your wines.

Yes, using our exclusive CDX Wine Boomerang Service you can make sure you pay cellar door price for any wines you wish to re-order. CDX will ensure the wines are freighted to your door in a safe and efficient manner.

The Wine Boomerang Service can be used by your family and friends as well.
Most import of wine incurs duties and taxes, and we can advise you of your countries fees. You are however responsible for the payment of these and these charges will be in addition to the freight and wine prices. See the CDX listing of countries. Delivery Rates for tax and import duties information, and if your country is not listed, please send us an email.