Cellar Door Express - Delivering wine safely to the world.

How it works

Cellar Door Express

Stage 1
Ascertain the amounts of bottles that are to be freighted - work out the price with the taxes being discounted and have the client pay you directly for these.

Stage 2
Complete the CDX Shipment Information Form with the client, ensure that you have them sign off on the payment section and advise the date they are to have the wines arrive at their door. There are 3 copies to the CDX Shipment Info Form, so the Top is to be sent with wines to CDX with the original signature of the customer, the second copy is the customers copy and the final copy is your record. You do not need to worry about taking payment for the freight as the customer pay’s us directly for the freighting of their wines so therefore we resume full responsibility for the wines once they are delivered to us in Richmond, Victoria.

Stage 3
Ensure that the wines are boxed securely and each carton is identified with a CDX address sticker with the clients name on. This will ensure that the cartons do not get mixed up with you or when they come to us. There will be a space on the sticker to note the number of cases per delivery order and date sent from you to us.

The CDX Shipment Information Form must also be attached to one of the cartons in the order and we shall provide you with special CDX secure envelopes for this purpose.

Stage 4
Please then arrange with your own local carrier the transfer of wine deliveries to our warehouse in Richmond, Victoria. Address will be provided to you for this.

We will notify you if there are discrepancies or damages with the cartons immediately that they arrive.

This is where your responsibility ends!

CDX will do the rest and we will also provide you with a monthly summary of details of deliveries completed.

Stage 5
Cellar Door Express will then take care of the re-packing of wine and door to door delivery worldwide.

How’s that for premium service? What a great way to have more wines sold direct to your international visitors.

For customers wishing to consolidate their wine purchases - please direct them to us and we will provide all Government paperwork and arrange freighting directly with them.