Cellar Door Express - Delivering wine safely to the world.

Tax Free Benefits

Worldwide Delivery

Why give the international visitor the added problem of having to carry their wines around with them, when there is an easy, safer and cost effective way to use. Most wineries provide the visitor with very few options to buy and freight home. Either telling them that they can buy from their distributor when they return home to their country or buy now and try to take it home in their luggage or buy now and take it to the local Post Office…all these options to the traveller are difficult options and will create the thinking of "it’s all too hard".

CDX has the ability to deliver wines world wide directly from your cellar door. This means we can deliver to all countries where alcohol is allowed including the USA and Canada.

For the USA, we have established a delivery network that covers all states of America and we can also deliver to Canada.

For countries that do not accept alcohol (Saudi Arabia, UAE, etc we cannot offer this service). See our list of countries that allow wine for delivery.

Deliveries are door to door and we can provide storage for wine deliveries for tourist if required.

Deliveries are all tracked through our operations centre and we will advise if there are any delays or issues.

Export Packaging and Insurance

The CDX Service and price includes full ‘WineSafe’ Export Packaging and the choice to have your consignment insured. Our packaging is designed for total protection of your wine shipment in transit and also temperature protection.

Re-ordering Wines

Through the CDX ‘Wine Retrieval Service’ you can advise the visitor that they can re-order the wines from each of the wineries visited on an on-going basis. It’s as simple as the international buyer registering with CDX upon their return and requesting us to buy (Tax-Free) and collect on their behalf and we will organise the door to door freight service for them. We will only promote the wineries that are CDX partners for this service.

Import Duties & Taxes upon Import

CDX will provide all partners with a comprehensive duty guide which will allow the CD Staff to refer to for this valued information.

CDX Expert System

The use of the CDX System is designed to allow you and your staff to concentrate on selling wine, not spending time on freight & logistical issues. Your cellar door was built to showcase your wines and provide a window of sales for your company. We at CDX are there to help improve wine sales and also take the burden of timely freight issues from you.

This means that the visitor can buy as many bottles as they wish and have the wine exported directly from you to their nominated address overseas, and the more wine they buy they get the direct benefit of greater savings with both tax discounts as well as more economical freight prices for greater volumes.